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Being a Business Advisor

16th February 2015

Are you a motivator?


Do you have the drive to succeed?


Ever wanted to help bring about positive change?


Always wanted to contribute to Youth development?


Then we have the perfect opportunity for you!


At Junior Achievement (Young Enterprise) we are constantly looking for companies and individuals to help deliver our programmes, mentor our students to become tomorrow’s business leaders, and contribute to the Foundation’s growth and development!


We will provide the training whilst you put in your enthusiasm and share your expertise!


Contact us on or 2124 4991 to be part of the success.


Here is what past volunteers have to say about our programmes


Andrew Mangion - EC Group  

 “ While schools help build up a student’s academic prowess, I have never seen anything as powerful or hands on as Young Enterprise to help build up the vital real life skills of entrepreneurship, organizational teamwork, business creativity and sales skills. Would I attach more value to a prospective employee that had Young Enterprise Experience? My answer is simple. Absolutely!”


Anthony Ellul - Quality Assurance Playmobil

 “I feel very pleased dedicating some of my time & real business experience to empower students on the doorstep of employment to what is considered good practice to run a business. I did it, and will do it again".


Winston J Zahra - CEO Island Group Holdings plc, Malta   

“My experience with Young Enterprise as an advisor and a judge brought me into contact with many young individuals who clearly learned a great deal from their participation in the programme. Young Enterprise enables individuals to not only put theory into practice but to also learn valuable lessons about all important aspects of teamwork, financial management and presentation skills at an early age.  These qualities enable Young Enterprise participants to approach the job market in a more confident way when the time comes in a way that is very often noticeable by employers.”